Sriracha, Grind Gourmet™ Sriracha Flavored Salt and Salt Grinder Gift Set, Jar of Sriracha Flake Salt and Salt Grinder, Reusable Pepper Grinder or Salt mill Included, Storage Glass Jar With Lid

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Sriracha Salt is made from Sriracha sauce and flake sea salt. The Sriracha Salt is made in the USA. Enjoy it on popcorn, macaroni and cheese, steak, chicken, pork, fish, eggs, salads, even ice cream! This season salt adds just the right amount of flavor to any dish!
The Sriracha Salt comes in a cute reusable glass jar. What a great gift set. Enjoy the Sriracha salt on foods you love, then enjoy the glass jar with lid to secure medicines, herbs, sea salt, Himalayan salts, pepper, …
The Grind Gourmet Original Pump & Grind small salt and pepper grinder can be used long after you run out of Sriracha Salt! Fill your travel sized salt or pepper grinder with Himalayan salts, sea salts, kosher salts, peppercorns, dried herbs, sugar.
BEST PRODUCT BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE Every purchase is backed by a no-questions-asked policy we want you happy so in the unlikely event of a complication, we’ll be around to assist you. We created the Original Pump & Grind in 2000 with the highest quality materials. You get what you pay for with Grind Gourmet products! We have offered the best salt and pepper grinders for almost two decades now there is a reason for that, we’ll be around should you need us!

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