Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper – 25 Matte Sheets of Waterproof White Decal Paper – Perfect for Your Inkjet Or Laser Printer and Compatible with Cricut Cutting Machines

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The ZICOTO sticker paper for inkjet printers: 25 matte white sheets – endless possibilities! The printable vinyl sheets make it easy to add a special and personal touch to a variety of hard-surfaced objects (NOT suitable for t-shirts). Live your creative dreams and use the self-adhesive vinyl paper to print stickers for coffee tumblers, water bottles, notebooks, bumpers or car windows. You can also print drawings of your kids as unique wall murals. Additionally, the vinyl sticker paper set does an amazing job when it comes to office or professional use. Label small business products or organize your filing systems. The 8.5×11” paper sheets (100 microns thick) are compatible with most inkjet printers (instructions incl.) and even laser + cricut printers. Easy printing & application: 1. Print a test copy using the suggested printer settings and if necessary, adjust and reprint until you receive the desired final print. Make sure to select “matte” + “best” at media & quality settings, as well as the correct size: 8.5×11 inch. 2. Insert your vinyl sheet into the printer to print the draft onto the bright white matte side; Please always insert only 1 sheet at a time to avoid paper jams. Print and let the results dry for 5 minutes. Cut your designed print and round out any corners for a quicker and easier peel off. Clean and dry your chosen surface before applying the vinyl sticker afterwards. Tip: To increase durability and achieve full waterproofness, especially when using outdoors, we recommend to print the stickers with UV ink, allow the ink to dry for 24 hrs and apply a clear UV resistant sealer spray. A great way for boosting creativity & organizing skills with the ZICOTO sticker paper!
Water-Resistant Vinyl Sticker Paper: With the Zicoto printable vinyl sheets you can create gorgeous water-resistant labels for multi-purpose use both indoors & outdoors; Simply add a clear layer of UV resistant sealer spray to boost waterproofness & durability
Highly Durable Printable Sticker Paper: Perfect to treate a sticker for any occasion & with a high life span! This thick matte sticker paper comes in a set of 25 white vinyl sheets – perfect for any of your projects
Compatible With Your Inkjet Printer: The printing paper for vinyl stickers works perfectly with most inkjet printers, laser printers & cricut maker; each adhesive vinyl sticker paper comes in the standard size of 8.5×11” and absorbs ink beautifully for great results
DIY Personlized Stickers: For more creativity in life! The sticker labels look superb as unique wall murals, vinyl decals for cars, bumper stickers, vinyl stickers for laptops, on coffee mugs, bottles, but also as labels for business (not suitable for t-shirts)
Easy Application & Quick Drying: The printable decal paper set provides a time efficient and precise color performance; The ink dries very quickly within just 5 minutes and the application is super easy and smooth

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