Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB

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Price: $666.99
(as of May 17,2022 05:03:02 UTC – Details)


Oculus quest gaming system 128GB – Oculus quest us/ca/jp/tw, 128GB.
Oculus touch controllers: arm yourself with the award-winning Oculus touch controllers. Your slashes, throws and grab appear in VR with intuitive, realistic Precision, transporting your hands and gestures right into the game
Easy set up: the world is your arcade. Set up is easy whether you’re at home or someplace new. Oculus quest works with your environment, so you can play standing or sitting in spaces big or Small.
Incredible VR games: stop watching games and step into them. Whether you’re dodging spells or slashing through enemy hordes, you’ve never been this close to the action.
Guardian helps keep you safe: explore the universe without tripping over the coffee table. The Oculus Guardian system is designed to help you avoid nearby objects while you’re in-game.
Oculus Quest requires your Facebook account to log in, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world.

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